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Red Emma's <p>1225 Cathedral St.</p><p>Baltimore, MD 21201<br></p> <p>Our bookstore, restaurant, coffeeshop, and bar.</p> Show Edit Destroy
Free School Classroom <p>30 W. North Avenue</p> <p>Baltimore, MD 21201</p> <p>410-230-0450</p> <p>The onsite Free School Classroom</p> Show Edit Destroy
2640 <p>2640 Saint Paul St.</p> <p>Baltimore, MD 21218</p> <p>A collectively run events venue in Baltimore, located at 2640 St. Paul St.&nbsp;</p> Show Edit Destroy
The Radical Bookfair Pavilion at the Baltimore Book Festival <p>Next to the Baltimore Visitor Center in the Inner Harbor</p><p>401 Light St.</p><p>Baltimore, MD 21202<br></p> <p style=" font-size: 20px;line-height: 28px;">From Friday September 22rd through Sunday the 24th, Red Emma's, along with some of our favorite radical publisher friends, descends on the Inner Harbor to bring the best in new radical books to the annual citywide <a href="" target="_blank">Baltimore Book Festival</a>. Check out the amazing 2017 lineup of authors presenting in the stage in our tent below:</p> Show Edit Destroy
Charles Theater <p><span>1711 N Charles St.</span></p> <p><span style="line-height:1.6em">Baltimore, MD 21202</span></p> Show Edit Destroy
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