Red Emma's Mother Earth Poetry Vibe--featuring LYRISPECT

Saturday February 3, 6:30PM

@ Red Emma's

We need words and poetic, lyrical expression that will expose and combat the lack of respect for oppressed and marginalized peoples! So come join us for an open mic of justice, conscious thought, spirituality, fam, real life—whatever advances the village! In the tradition of Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth magazine, come drop some progressive “fiyah” on us, or contribute just with your presence and energy! By the way: it’s a non-erotic poetry, non-“love jones” type of venue, so we ask that you not go there. (And, almost needless to say, leave the misogyny, homophobia and other unnecessary ish outside!)

As for the evening's prime poetic person:

LYRISPECT is an award-winning lyricist, author, educator and voiceover artist whose work empowers, challenges and inspires through the compelling marriage of multiple art forms! Based in Philadelphia, she is an activist and advocate for girls, women, people of color and marginalized communities.

Having received classical theater training from Baltimore School for the Arts and a B.A. in Film and African-American Studies from Temple University, LYRISPECT specializes in voiceover, accents, education, performance and event curation. She is a member of the Spoken Soul 215 Collective and the co-executive producer of the Harvest Open Mic and Showcase Experience. She is also author of “The PreCursor,” the first of seven installments of “Spectrum of a Supernova,” a multimedia series of signature work. She has performed around the world and with organizations such as BLACK GIRLS ROCK!, Array Now and the NAACP, and has shared stages with Yassin Bey (Mos Def), Saul Willams, Ursula Rucker and others.

LYRISPECT's teaching and performance art is informed by grit, pulchritude, justice, honesty, humor, love, inclusivity and cultural pride. She infuses in all of her work the belief that earnest art with intelligent and thoughtful execution can heal, liberate and transform!

IG, Twitter: lyrispect

Holdin’ it down for the evening is Analysis—poet/spoken word artist, educator, minister, organizer, activist, consultant, bookseller… Y’all know what’s up!

Twitter, IG: analysisthepoet


(Mature language and themes may be involved; not suggested for younger children.)

Remember: PEACE, JUSTICE, POETRY!! Will we see you there? : )

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