Slaysian: Lgbtq+ Asian Americans Reclaiming Art Panel

Friday May 17, 7:00PM

@ Red Emma's

#Slaysian: LGBTQ+ Asian Americans Reclaiming Art is a discussion centering Queer identified AAPI Artist in the of Baltimore City. Gaysians fight to be represented, we fight to exist within our respective communities without being shunned and alienated because our existence is politicizes Asian-America, a group which was meant to be silenced and marginalized from participating in US society and politics. This event highlights how artists politically activate and express their identities through their work and inquires our delicate role of relative privilege and marginality within the context of a majority Black and White racial binary of Baltimore City.

Eunbi C Kim

Gagan Singh

Featured Artists:
Bomin Jeon: Community Artist
Press Press
Baltimore Youth Arts

Toyo Mansi: Musician, DJ, Culinary Artist

Shanti Flaag: Visual, Art as Activism

Cherry Lau: Culinary Artist

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