Book release! Rahne Alexander presents "Heretic to Housewife"

Thursday August 15, 7:00PM

@ Red Emma's

Heretic to Housewife is the debut book of collected essays by Baltimore-based artist Rahne Alexander. In ten essays, Alexander connects the dots between her conservative Mormon upbringing and her emergence as a vocal queer trans feminist performer and creator, and does so with withering wit and hard-won wisdom. This collection is a bubbling bouillabaisse of love, sorrow, awkward strip club encounters, Facebook 2, "The Operation,” and incredibly specific complaints about the patriarchy and computer operating systems. Heretic to Housewife was selected by Kristen Arnett as the winner of the 2019 OutWrite Chapbook Competition in Nonfiction and published by Neon Hemlock. 

Critical Response to Heretic to Housewife 
“Rahne Alexander's collection is a fascinating look at how memory has the ability to move us through time and place. The prose is compelling and warm, richly conversational. This is the kind of writing that puts a hand on your arm, pulls you in close, and whispers in your ear. It is earnest without artifice. It is powerful work.” — Kristen Arnett

“Rahne’s writing, like so much of her art, reveals the ley lines that connect big ideas—theory, policy, language—to the everyday experience of a richly-lived life.” — Anthony Moll

"Rahne Alexander is the trans* Marcel Proust.  This lyrical book of essays, weaves together sex, politics, feminism, family, memory, history, and love, to deliver a compact and moving meditation on the world we share." — Jordan Alexander Stein

About the Author
Rahne Alexander is a multimedia artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. Her video art has screened in galleries and festivals across the U.S. and around the world, and she has appeared in numerous films and videos, including Hit and Stay and Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance.  Rahne performs and records music with  Santa Librada, 50’♀, Flaming Creatures, and the Degenerettes. An occasional comedian and essayist, her publication credits include the Lambda Literary Award-winning anthology Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica, and the Lammy-nominated Resilience Anthology. More Information at her website:

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