The Bicycle Diaries

Friday March 27, 8:30PM

@ Red Emma's

Former Stanford climate change researcher David Kroodsma has bicycled from California to the southern tip of South America, from Turkey to the east coast of China, and across the U.S. twice. Along the way he has talked to hundreds of people - both laypeople and experts - about climate change, gathering personal stories about its impacts across three continents.  Join David for a slideshow of his best photos and videos. In addition to stories of adventure -- ranging from fending off a jaguar in Belize to hiding from police in Tibet -- David will share how people across the globe are currently experiencing climate change, drawing on interviews with people in 28 different countries.  Copies of his recent book, The Bicycle Diaries, a Shelf Unbound Notable Book of 2014, will be available for purchase.

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