In conversation with Greg Tate!

Thursday October 6, 7:30PM

@ Red Emma's

Since launching his career at the Village Voice in the early 1980s Greg Tate has been one of the premiere critical voices on contemporary Black music, art, literature, film, and politics. Flyboy 2 provides a panoramic view of the last thirty years of Tate’s influential work. Whether interviewing Miles Davis or Ice Cube, reviewing an Azealia Banks mixtape or Suzan Lori Parks’ Topdog/Underdog, discussing visual artist Kara Walker or writer Clarence Major, or analyzing the ties between Afro-futurism, Black feminism, and social movements, Tate’s resounding critical insights illustrate how race, gender, and class become manifest in American popular culture. We're thrilled to collaborate with Publik/Private and local journalist Jordannah Elizabeth to bring Tate to Baltimore to discuss his work, and his new essay collection, Flyboy 2: The Greg Tate Reader.

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