Queer (In)Justice: The Criminalization of LGBT People in the United States

Joey Mogul, Andrea Ritchie, and Kay Whitlock



A groundbreaking work that turns a “queer eye” on the criminal legal system, Queer (In)Justice is a searing examination of queer experiences—as “suspects,” defendants, prisoners, and survivors of crime. The authors unpack queer criminal archetypes—like “gleeful gay killers,” “lethal lesbians,” “disease spreaders,” and “deceptive gender benders”—to illustrate the punishment of queer expression, regardless of whether a crime was ever committed. Tracing stories from the streets to the bench to behind prison bars, they prove that the policing of sex and gender both bolsters and reinforces racial and gender inequalities.

ISBN 9780807051153
List price $20.00
Publisher Beacon Press
Year of publication 2012
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