Revolutionaries to Race Leaders: Black Power and the Making of African American Politics

Cedric Johnson (Author)



Cedric Johnson explores the various opportunities in black politics to carry forth a populism that is inclusive of cultural as well as economic unity in organizing.

Exploring the major political and intellectual currents from the Black Power era to the present, Cedric Johnson reveals how black political life gradually conformed to liberal democratic capitalism and how the movement’s most radical aims—the rejection of white aesthetic standards, redefinition of black identity, solidarity with the Third World, and anticapitalist revolution—were gradually eclipsed by more moderate aspirations. Although Black Power activists transformed the face of American government, Johnson contends that the evolution of the movement as a form of ethnic politics restricted the struggle for social justice to the world of formal politics.

ISBN 9780816644780
List price $20.00
Publisher University of Minnesota Press
Year of publication 2007