Emerge: A Collection of Poems

Mary Bowman



Mary Bowman [1988-2019] was a dynamic and beloved member of the spoken-word poetry community in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. and beyond, and an inspirational HIV activist.

“As a gay Black Christian woman who has lived with HIV since birth, Bowman is a dandelion in a field of roses, and she embraces her unique identity through poetry.” --Hunter Samuelson, Fourth Estate, George Mason University, “Mary Bowman’s empowering message for Mason Pride Week,”

April 7, 2016

[From the publisher] “Emerge is a front-row seat to the last 28 years of Mary Bowman’s journey through life, exploring her relationship with love, pain, and triumph. It is an honest and raw, first-and poetic account of what it means to emerge, to ride from an inevitable death in order to freely live—sort of how a caterpillar dies intentionally to both its title and cocoon, emerging the butterfly that always was, always is, and always will be.”

ISBN 9781975655525
List price $20.00
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Year of publication 2017