Antifascist Roundtable: Feminist & Anticolonial Resistance

Antifascist Roundtable: Feminist & Anticolonial Resistance

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Tuesday, October 4th 2022
7:00 pm
Red Emma's
This roundtable will offer a compelling cultural and political exploration of the feminist & anticolonial dimensions of antifascism, an insightful look at the rise of right-wing authoritarianism locally and globally, the roots of fascism in patriarchy and ongoing (settler) colonialism, and an exploration of a range of political initiatives and resistances against it.

A lively conversation will be lead by scholar-activists, organizers, and writers on the subject, based on two recent publications: On Microfascism: Gender, War, and Death and For Antifascist Futures: Against the Violence of Imperial Crisis. Both On Microfascism _and For Antifascist Futures_ offer original and penetrating insight into today’s swell of fascist and reactionary cultural forces and links its expressions to important dimensions of racialized masculinity and gender politics, as well as global dimensions of ongoing colonialism and racial capitalism.

Alyosha Goldstein is a professor of American Studies at the University of New Mexico. He is the author of Poverty in Common: The Politics of Community Action during the American Century, editor of Formations of United States Colonialism (2014), and coeditor (with Jodi A. Byrd, Jodi Melamed, and Chandan Reddy) of “Economies of Dispossession: Indigeneity, Race, Capitalism,” a special issue of Social Text (2018), (with Juliana Hu Pegues and Manu Vimalassery [Karuka]) of “On Colonial Unknowing,” a special issue of Theory & Event (2016) and (with Alex Lubin) of “Settler Colonialism,” a special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly (2008).

Erica Caines is a poet, writer and organizer in Baltimore and the DMV. She is an organizing committee member of the anti war coalition, the Black Alliance For Peace as well as an outreach member of the Black centered Ujima People’s Progress Party. Caines founded Liberation Through Reading in 2017 as a way to provide Black children with books that represent them and created the extension, a book club entitled Liberation Through Reading BC, to strengthen political education online and in our communities.

Jack Z. Bratich is professor in the Journalism and Media Studies Department at Rutgers University, and author of On Microfascism: Gender, War, and Death (2022)

Liz Mason-Deese is an editor at Viewpoint Magazine, a member of the Counter-Cartographies Collective, and a member of the translation collective Territorio de Ideas. She is a long-time translator of and participant in feminist movements in Latin America. She is recent translator of The Feminist Subversion of the Economy.

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