Dr. Lyneia Richardson presents "Mothering as a Work of Art" in conversation w/ Dr. Rikiesha Metzger and D.L. Tucker

Dr. Lyneia Richardson presents "Mothering as a Work of Art" in conversation w/ Dr. Rikiesha Metzger and D.L. Tucker

Saturday, June 15th 2024
7:00 pm
Free School Classroom
MOTHERING AS A WORK OF ART explores the multiple dimensions of ‘mothering while Black’, providing a platform for Black mothers to share their stories surrounding pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

By providing a platform for these stories, the anthology celebrates the beauty, resilience, and complexity of Black motherhood, while challenging negative stereotypes and amplifying diverse experiences. Beyond a collection of stories, the book serves as a testament to the strength and diversity of Black mothers. Within its pages, readers will find narratives that explore the joys, challenges, and triumphs of pregnancy, childbirth, loss, and everything in between.

Through the concept of mothering as a work of art, this book aims to change the narrative on mothering and help individuals reconceptualize their understanding of what it means to mother in contemporary times. The book focuses on thematic concepts of mothering as a work of art as understood by the authors, exploring ideas and ideals held around motherhood and how they might be reimagined to fit a narrative more aligned with real life experiences of motherhood. While the book honors and uplifts the voices of Black mothers, the message is for everyone. Mothering is a shared journey, and this book invites all of those who mother as well as partners, family members, and other community members, to gain valuable insights and understanding.

The MOTHERING AS A WORK OF ART anthology collection was born out of conversations that led the editor Dr. Lyneia Richardson to realize that the journey to motherhood for many Black women in America is marked by childbirth trauma, loss, other medical complications, and even death. In the United States, Black women are three times more likely to die due to childbirth complications, many of which are preventable, than white women. Similarly, their babies are more likely to be born preterm, underweight, and experience other complications at birth. As a mother personally impacted by difficult child birthing experiences, she was inspired to use the power of creative expression and storytelling to empower other women to share their stories and find healing in their own journeys.

Dr. Richardson is a mama, a healer, and a licensed psychologist. She is also a maternal health advocate dedicated to revitalizing the spirit of ALL mamas. She works in the areas of perinatal mental health and women’s health. Dr. Richardson received her B.A. in psychology from North Carolina A & T State University, M.S. in mental health counseling from Johns Hopkins University, and her Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Howard University in Washington, D.C. Her work is rooted in decolonizing therapy and education through a Mothering Praxis. She is currently a professor of counseling at McDaniel College and the owner of Melanated Women's Therapy, LLC.

Dr. Rikiesha Metzger is a multifaceted International Community Artist-Philosopher working with themes related to race, identity, and spirituality. She recently received her PhD in Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Art Theory from the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts.

D.L. Tucker is a dedicated community artist, a loving wife, and a mother of five that is passionate about using mixed media art and narrative storytelling to support mental health awareness, embrace strength through adversity, and to help build a more inclusive society for everyone.

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