L Scully and Mayah Lovell in conversation

L Scully and Mayah Lovell in conversation

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Friday, May 26th 2023
7:00 pm
Red Emma's
An honest look at sex addiction and a surrealist holiday for lesbians.

Fuck Me: A Memoir_—_In this honest look at sex addiction and grappling with identity, L Scully has laid bare their most intimate scars and dared the reader to trace the outlines. With personal essays, photographs, and journal entries, L Scully invites us to examine our own motives and question the lies we often tell ourselves. L Scully is a wholly unforgettable and much needed new voice in memoir.

Mayah Lovell's Dyke’s Day, a Holigay is a multimedia and multisensory publication about a surrealist holiday for lesbians, based on an original manuscript by mayah lovell. Six lesbian writers come together to create and curate a continuation of lovell’s manuscript, resulting in a full anthology exploring what a holiday for lesbians can look, sound, feel, taste, and smell like. Dyke’s day incorporates poetry, lyricism, fiction, research, sculpture, photography and sound to iterate an ecology of enjoyment for lesbians.

L Scully is a trans writer and double Capricorn currently based in the ether. Their debut full-length book, Fuck Me: A Memoir, is forthcoming from Gnashing Teeth Publishing in April of this year. L’s chapbooks, Like Us _and _I00 I Love Yous, _are available from ELJ Editions and Ethel, respectively. They have been invited to artist residencies nationally and internationally and are a Best of the Net and Pushcart Prize nominee. Their work can be found widely in print and online in venues such as Jellyfish Review, Wales Art Review, and Boston Art Review. L recently completed their MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. They are a winter swimmer and rescue dog parent. Find them on Instagram @_caprihorny\.

Mayah Lovell is a Black lesbian latinx from suburban-area D.C. Her artistry roots in Caribbean transcendence beside Black queer ancestors and awakens by practice in fantasy, neo-erotica, and ritualism. She is a first-generation descendant of Caribbean servitude–her matriarchal lineage is birthed in “Canal Zone,” originally Rainbow City, Panamá by way of Barbados; and her patriarchal lineage is birthed in Kingston, Jamaica. It is in Caribbean knowledge where she learned the wisdom of redemption, abolition, and survival in spirituality. Through curating, exhibiting art and performing prose and sound art through D.C., NY, LA, Connecticut, Philly, Baltimore, and online, she has fostered, taught, and held community for artists and creatives. Some of her writing lives in Peach Fuzz Mag, Coven Poetry, Stone of Madness Press, and Hermetic State, where she created Black lesbian anthology, dykes day, a holigay.

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