Red Emma’s Mother Earth Poetry Vibe—featuring Matt Sedillo

Red Emma’s Mother Earth Poetry Vibe—featuring Matt Sedillo

Saturday, August 6th 2022
10:00 pm
It’s time for more: To push more. To challenge more. To get more radical in our effort to transform the world for the benefit of all, and not just a privileged few. To keep using our artistic abilities in the Struggle. To keep letting our poetry be the expression of all of the above, and to convene together on Zoom once more in the rad poetic energy that we collectively exude as Red Emma’s Mother Earth Poetry Vibe!

Join us for an online open mic of the theme, “Peace, Justice, Poetry!”  It’s a night of justice, conscious socioploitical thought, family, survival and empowerment, spirit—whatever advances the village!  In the tradition of Emma Goldman’s “Mother Earth” magazine, come drop some rad “fiyah” on us, or contribute just with your presence and energy.  By the way: It’s a non-erotic venue, so rather than a love & erotica evening, we focus the night on justice and other matters of life.  And, almost needless to say, leave the misogyny, homophobia and any of the ”-isms” outside!

Poetically pushing us to write/live/do more will be Matt Sedillo!  Matt has been described as the "best political poet in America" as well as "the poet laureate of the Struggle."  His work has drawn comparisons in print to Bertolt Brecht, Roque Dalton, Amiri Baraka, Alan Ginsberg, Carl Sandburg and various other legends of the past.  Sedillo was the recipient of the 2017 Joe Hill Labor Poetry award, a panelist at the 2020 Texas Book Festival, and a participant in the 2011 San Francisco International Poetry Festival and the 2022 Elba Poetry Festival.  Sedillo has appeared on CSPAN and has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Axios, and Associated Press stories, among other publications.  Sedillo has spoken at Casa de las Americas in Havana, Cuba, at numerous conferences and forums such as the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, the National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education, the National Association of Chicana/Chicano Studies, the Left Forum, and the US Social Forum, and at over a hundred universities and colleges, including the University of Cambridge.  Matt Sedillo is the author of Mowing Leaves of Grass (FlowerSong Press, 2019) and City on the Second Floor (FlowerSong Press, 2022), both of which are taught at universities throughout the country.  Sedillo is the current literary director of The Mexican Cultural Institute of Los Angeles.

Holdin’ it down for the evening is Analysis—poet/spoken word artist, rad minister and bookseller, educator, justice & human rights person… Y’all know what’s up!   Twitter and Instagram: @analysisthepoet CashApp: $AnalysisThePoet

ZOOM LINK & MIC LIST: To sign up to receive the Zoom link, go to  The mic list sign-up will be at that same location.  The Zoom link will be sent to you the day of the event.  If time permits we will take names onto the list during the event as well, after those who have signed up have performed.  One piece; five minutes limit.  Be sure to sign up for the Zoom link well BEFORE the event starts, to be sure you receive it!

In lieu of our usual in-person collection to support the feature, PLEASE support the host and the featured artist directly (methods to be announced) in order to ensure the continuation of the venue.  SUPPORT ARTISTS!  And, of course, continue to support Red Emma’s!

The evening is, indeed, brought to you by Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse, a worker-owned and collectively operated restaurant, bookstore, and community events space in Baltimore, Maryland that is dedicated to putting principles of solidarity and sustainability into practice in a democratic workplace!

Remember: PEACE, JUSTICE, POETRY!!  Will we see you there?  :)

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