Red Emma's Mother Earth Poetry Vibe featuring Simply Sherri

Red Emma's Mother Earth Poetry Vibe featuring Simply Sherri

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Saturday, July 29th 2023
6:00 pm
Red Emma's
Our quarterly poetry and spoken word showcase!

It’s been a difficult few years, almost as if we’ve been moving through a maze.  Many of us have experienced loss, health challenges and, of course, the continued searching and striving for justice in an oppressive world.  Poetry helps us process, express, mourn, renew and act together.  Join us as we continue in the 11th year of the DMV area’s quarterly venue of the theme “Peace, Justice, Poetry!”

Let's come together in a poetry/spoken word open mic of justice, conscious thought, spirituality, fam, real life—whatever advances the village!  In the tradition of Emma Goldman’s “Mother Earth” magazine, come drop some rad 'fiyah' on us, or contribute just with your presence and energy!  By the way: it’s a non-erotic poetry, non-“Love Jones” type of evening, so we ask that you not go there.  (And, almost needless to say, leave the misogyny, homophobia and other unnecessary ish outside!)

To feature this month and release her new collection of poetry, Tunnel Maze, we’re excited to welcome true Red Emma’s fam and one of the most popular poetry hosts in the DMV area, the one and only Simply Sherri!  Born in California and raised in Baltimore and Laurel, Maryland, Sherri has been writing since 2001 and performing since 2008, featuring and spotlighting at various venues along the East Coast.

​Though well known for her love and erotic writing and her signature “Love, Sexy, Classy Nasty” style, Simply Sherri is unafraid to examine the totality of a black woman’s life, poetically illuminating subjects such as depression, misogyny and abuse, and surviving the political climate.  Knowing how important it is to connect and share with young people, she has conducted workshops for DC Scores.  She has also volunteered with DewMore Baltimore, becoming a “poetry auntie” to many.

Simply Sherri is the host of Second Wednesdays at Busboys & Poets-450 K St. in Washington, DC, and the Pajama Jammie Jam Slam, a love and erotica slam at Busboys & Poets-Takoma Park, Maryland.  She released her first CD, Liquefy, in 2010, and her 2015 book of poetry, Love Simply, showcases the range of her writing.  Now following 2021’s love and erotica collection, Freaky Darlings, she brings to us her new collection, Tunnel Maze, exploring grief and renewal as she moves through the challenges of society.  In the words of fellow poet Analysis, she “handles subjects from the erotic to the painful to the uplifting with depth, wit and approachability.”

Holdin’ it down for the evening is Analysis—poet/spoken word artist, author, rad minister and bookseller, educator, justice & human rights person… Y’all know what’s up!   Twitter and Instagram: @analysisthepoet CashApp: $AnalysisThePoet

The mic list will be ready for you at Emma’s so you can get on the mic and share something with us!  Additionally, we’ll pass the bucket—physically and electronically—to give something to our featured poet and to help build for the future.  Please support independent artists!

Remember: PEACE, JUSTICE, POETRY!  Will we see you there?

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