ReThinkRx: Charting a New Course

ReThinkRx: Charting a New Course

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Friday, February 23rd 2024
6:00 pm
Free School Classroom
ReThinkRX: Charting a New Course is a dynamic and innovative event, dedicated to exploring and promoting harm reduction strategies in the realm of substance use and addiction.

This forward-thinking gathering brings together a diverse audience of healthcare professionals, activists, policymakers, researchers, artists, and individuals with personal experiences to reframe the conversation around substance use and chart a new course towards a safer and more compassionate future.

In collaboration with:

The Kaleidoscope Institute: A drug education and harm reduction platform aimed at safeguarding communities with the information needed for safe consumption. Created by Francesco Adefila, a psychiatric nurse and MDMA-assisted psychotherapist.

In partnership with:

Love in the Trenches: Their mission is to raise awareness of the disease of addiction, erase the stigma associated with it, and engage in harm reduction efforts through education and activities that promote health, safety, and quality of life for those who suffer from addiction.

Baltimore Psychedelic Society: The Baltimore Psychedelic Society is dedicated to psychedelic inquiry, harm reduction, and addressing Baltimore-centered issues through community engagement and education.

Charm City Care Connection: The mission of CCCC is to promote health, self-determination, and self-advocacy for individuals and communities affected by drug use, stigma, poverty, and inequities, with a primary focus on serving individuals who use drugs. All of our work is rooted in dignity, justice, and respect and centers members of affected communities in the planning and programming of our organization.

Bmore Power: Bmore POWER’s mission is to help people safeguard themselves and their communities from mental, physical, and societal harm. We are here to save lives, reduce harm, and address risky behaviors. We offer non-judgmental support and information to the communities we love.

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