Transmasc Social Hour: June 2024

Transmasc Social Hour: June 2024

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Wednesday, June 12th 2024
5:00 pm
Red Emma's
A monthly social hour on the 2nd Wednesday of every month organized by the DC Area Transmasculine Society. You must be 17+. Friends and partners welcome.

Join the DC Area Transmasculine Society (DCATS) for social hour at Red Emma's. Red Emma's is a worker-owned, cooperatively-managed bookstore, community events space, and restaurant in Baltimore. The space serves vegan food and has a cafe and full bar. This event is primarily for those that are transmasculine, but you're welcome to bring a friend and partner of any gender. "Transmasculine" means you were assigned female at birth, but feel this is an incomplete or inaccurate description of yourself. This includes trans men, AFAB nonbinary, two-spirit, and genderqueer folks. Since it is impossible to list all identities that fall under transmasculine, please use this definition as a general guideline. Intersex folks that also identify as transmasculine are welcome to join. We take pride in creating a safe, welcoming space for people. Therefore, your gender, pronouns, or sexuality will never be assumed based on your presentation. The term "transmasculine" does not imply you are masculine presenting or identify as a masculine person. When you arrive, please make your way to our reserved tables on the main floor. If you cannot find the tables, please ask a staff member. At the event, we'll be accepting binder donations and will be able to give out needles to those who are in need if you request in advance. We will not be accepting syringe/needle donations at the event.

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