Turnaround Inc. presents "Unlearning Victim Blaming"

Turnaround Inc. presents "Unlearning Victim Blaming"

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Wednesday, September 27th 2023
6:30 pm
Free School Classroom
Why do we treat victims like they’re responsible for their own assaults?

In this workshop, we will examine how victim blaming impacts former and future victims of violences and what can be done to shift attitudes away from victim blaming.

We will: Define victim blaming Discuss why it happens See how it harms survivors Learn how to stop it

Eden is a Black queer nonbinary femme from Baltimore, MD. As certified sex educator, they provide a unique perspective in the sexual violence prevention field. They pull from a combination of lived experience, community input, and 15+ years of studying human sexuality and relationship behaviors. In the role of TurnAround’s Prevention Education and Training Coordinator, they deliver impactful prevention education trainings throughout Baltimore City and County to promote boundary setting, bystander intervention, and self-accountability as primary tools in creating safer spaces for people of marginalized identities. They draw inspiration from Black femme powerhouses like bell hooks, adrienne maree brown, and Janelle Monae.

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Baltimore, MD

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