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We’re in the midst of a devastating virus—of racist systems, of police murder and other violence, of misogyny and transphobia, of oppression across the board—that has been deadly long before the current biological one that additionally rips through our society.  We need radical truth tellers who will say what needs to be said and not give a damn about those would suppress their voices.  That’s where you, and our feature, come in!  Join us for an online open mic of justice, conscious thought, spirituality, fam, real life—whatever advances the village!  In the tradition of Emma Goldman’s “Mother Earth” magazine, come drop some rad “fiyah” on us, or contribute just with your presence and energy.  Our theme is “Peace, Justice, Poetry!”  By the way: it’s a non-erotic venue, so rather than a love & erotica evening, we focus this night on justice and other matters of life.  And, almost needless to say, leave the misogyny, homophobia and other unnecessary ish outside!


There’s trouble coming from across the water—the kind of troubling of the waters we need!  Hitting us from the British Isles with a lyrical storm is Sonny Green!  The host of the now-internationally popular, London-based venue Trouble Tongues, Sonny Green has worked in the live music scene over many years doing various gigs—including being the first ever rap artist to perform at the House of Commons supporting Fatboy Slim. He’s worked with Brian May, Slash, Pete Doherty, Tamer Hassan amongst many well-known artists. After supporting Asian Dub Foundation at a gig at Broadwater Farm, he was quickly recruited to join them live and to date he has played over 50 venues across Europe, consistently delivering confident live performances, opening for a variety of performers. In a sea of other artists that sound similar, what makes Sonny stand out from the crowd is that he calls it as he sees it, and his angry lyrical tirades are completely uncompromising, unmaterialistic and calls out everyone from politicians to his peers without fear.

IG: @sonnygreenuk, @troubletongues

Twitter: @sonnygreenuk


Holdin’ it down for the evening is Analysis—poet/spoken word artist, rad minister and bookseller, educator, justice & human rights theoretician… Y’all know what’s up! 

Twitter and Instagram: @analysisthepoet

CashApp: $AnalysisThePoet

REGISTER FOR THE EVENT HERE, so that you can receive the Zoom link: That is also how you sign up on the mic list to perform. If time permits we will take names onto the list during the event as well, after those who have signed up have performed. Again, this will only happen as time permits. One piece. 5 minutes. The ZOOM LINK will be released the day of the event.

In lieu of our usual in-house collection to support the feature, PLEASE consider supporting the artist directly. [Methods to be announced.] Support the artist!

(Mature language and themes may be involved; not suggested for younger children.)

Remember: PEACE, JUSTICE, POETRY!! Will we see you there? :)

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Forty young writers—representing middle and high schools across Baltimore—will share pieces written over the past week at the Writers in Baltimore Schools 9th annual Summer Writers' Studio, which met online this year. Join us to cheer on these young writers after their week of hard work! Learn more about WBS at:

This is an online event, RSVP here and watch via Youtube.