The Protester Has Been Released

Janet Sarbanes



Writer and professor Janet Sarbanes presents a series of creative stories that call the reader to examine the current state of our society—and where it might end up—if issues of class, race and our general relationship to each other are not addressed. 

From the publisher: “Populated by wise animals and hapless humans, The Protester Has Been Released brilliantly evokes an end-of-the-world feeling that is equal parts dread and hilarity. In nine precisely rendered stories and a novella featuring the American president’s daughter, Sarbanes takes on the big questions with gallows humor: What is freedom? What is love? What is art? And what does it matter now?

In 'Meet Koko,' the famous signing gorilla spends her nights secretly typing a hilarious 'counter-narrative' onto her researcher’s laptop. 'The First Daughter Finds Her Way' chronicles the quest of a president’s daughter to keep her father from invading the world’s nations in reverse alphabetical order. Sibling rivalry turns lethal in 'Who Will Sit with Maman?' And in 'Ars Longa,' a Colorado town riddled with cancer turns to art making in order to cope with the chaos of the present and the sins of the past. Whether chiseled into discretely titled chunks, or rendered via extended interior monologues, Sarbanes’ witty, affective prose deftly locates the promise of a new society within the shell of the old. A fierce, funny primer for our time.

'The Protester Has Been Released' is a spectacular and subversive collection, made even more so by its deceptive calm and supremely wry style.' --Maggie Nelson”

ISBN 9781936196654
List price $18.00
Publisher C&R Press
Year of publication 2017