A Fortune for Your Disaster

Hanif Abdurraqib


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In his much-anticipated follow-up to The Crown Ain’t Worth Much, poet, essayist, music critic, and New York Times bestselling author Hanif Abdurraqib has written a book of poems about how one rebuilds oneself after a heartbreak, the kind that renders them a different version of themselves than the one they knew. It’s a book about a mother’s death, and finally admitting that Michael Jordan pushed off in the ’98 finals. It’s about forgiveness, and how none of the author’s black friends wanted to listen to “Don’t Stop Believin’.” It’s about wrestling with histories, personal and shared, and how black people can write about flowers at a time like this. Abdurraqib writes across different tones and registers, with humor and sadness, and uses touchstones from the world outside—from Marvin Gaye to Nikola Tesla to his neighbor’s dogs—to create a mirror, inside of which every angle presents a new possibility.

ISBN 9781947793439
List price $15.95
Publisher Tin House Books
Year of publication 2019