The Labour Revolution
Karl Kautsky

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Marxism, Socialism & Communism

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Mother Jones and Mary Harris "Mother" Jones
Peter Hudis, Kevin B. Anderson, and Rosa Luxemburg
Jean Y. Tussey (editor) and Eugene V. Debs
Willy Brandt, Wilhelm Liebknecht, Ferdinand Lassalle, Karl Marx, Karl Liebknecht, Clara Zetkin, and Franz Mehring
Clara Zetkin and Angela Yvonne Davis (foreword)
Ernesto "Che" Guevara, Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx, and Rosa Luxemburg
Karl Liebknecht, Gregory Zinoviev, Rosa Luxemburg, John Riddell (Editor), Leon Trotsky, and Karl Kautsky
Paul Lafargue, Bernard Marszalek, Fred Thompson, and Kari Lyndersen
Rosa Luxemburg, Annelies Laschitza, Georg Adler, Peter Hudis, and George Shriver
William A. Pelz (editor), Howard Zinn, and Eugene V. Debs (introduction)
Victor Serge and Adam Hochschild (Introduction)
Eugene V. Debs and Arthur Schlesenger, Jr.
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