Theory of Religion
Georges Bataille and Robert Hurley
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Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Robert Hurley, Mark Seem, Helen Lane, and Michel Foucault (introduction)
Tiqqun (Author) and Robert Hurley (Translator)
Georges Bataille and Robert Hurley
Michel Foucault, James D. Faubion, Robert Hurley, and Paul Rabinow
Georges Bataille, Michael Richardson, and Michael Richardson
Dawn Ades (editor), Simon Baker (editor), and Georges Bataille
Georges Bataille and Robert Hurley
François Peraldi, Georges Bataille, Jean-Francois Lyotard, Guy Hocquenghem, and Roland Barthes
Georges Bataille, Stuart Kendall, and Michelle Kendall
Georges Bataille and Richard Robinson
Georges Bataille, Austryn Wainhouse, Yukio Mishima, and Ken Hollings

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Augustine of Hippo and John Kenneth Ryan (Translator)
Anthony Baker, Catherine Pickstock, Conor Cunningham, Daniel Bell, Eleanor Kaufman, Graham Ward, Hent de Vries, Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Matteo Mandarini, and Patrick Riches
Jean-Francois Lyotard and Richard Beardsworth
Hent de Vries, Lawrence E. Sullivan, Veena Das (contributor), Kate Khatib (contributor), Jean-Luc Nancy (contributor), Chantal Mouffe (contributor), Ernesto Laclau (contributor), Judith Butler (contributor), and Wendy Brown
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Slavoj Zizek, Boris Gunjevic, and Ellen Elias-Bursac
Dante Alighieri and Eric Drooker (cover illustration)
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