Franz Schurmann (editor), Lin Piao (contributor), Mao Tse-tung (contributor), Chou En-Lai (contributor), and Edgar Snow (contributor)
Li Xiangning, Li Danfeng, and Jiang Jiawei
Contemporary Chinese Thought (editors)
Aindri Chakraborty
Aarthi Parthasarthy
Ramnarayan S. Rawat (editor) and K. Satyanarayana (editor)
Keith Howard and Hanʼguk Chŏngsindae Munje Taechʻaek Hyŏbŭihoe
Liang Zhang, Andrew James Nathan, and Eugene Perry Link
Anand Pandian, M. P. Mariappan, and Veena Das (afterword)
Sen Katayama, Andrew Zonneveld, and Robert Sabatino
Arundhati Roy, Pankaj Mishra, Hilal Bhat, Angana Chatterji, and Tariq Ali
Gregor Benton, Gregor Benton, and Alan Hunter
William C. Kirby, Barry R. Bloom, Timothy Cheek, Sheena Chestnut, Paul A. Cohen, Mark C. Elliott, Xiaocai Feng, Merle Goldman, Chang-tai Hung, Alastair Iain Johnston, Arthur Kleinman, Elisabeth K\xf6ll, Xiaoyuan Liu, Yuanli Liu, Klaus Mühlhahn, Dayong Niu, Jean Oi, Dwight H. Perkins, and Elizabeth J. Perry
Edo Bouman, Rajesh Devraj, and Paul Duncan
Mai Elliott, Mai Van Elliot (translator), and Thị Định Nguyễn
Hiroki Azuma, Jonathan E. Abel, and Shion Kono
Keiji Nakazawa, Art Spiegelman, and Project Gen

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